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I attribute the traumas and experiences, in my life, to the person and Therapist I am today. I survived one of my most influential events when I was 14 years old. I was struck, as a pedestrian, by a drunk driver and was told by my doctors that I’d never have children and, most likely, would never walk again. I spent my ninth grade year in the hospital and eventually learned to walk on the parallel bars, with a walker, then a cane, then I hobbled without props until I got my brain and body to communicate clearly and work together. As life went on (because it stops for nothing), the emotions from my trauma created a drive in me to learn more about the body, how it works, and holistic healing.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go to University as I got married young and began a family… It wasn’t until later in life that I learned how therapeutic bodywork lessened my chronic pain and gave me a much healthier outlook on life. I could, finally, manage my pain... What a breakthrough! It was then that I began to take my life back. -Now I want to do the same for others… and I’m so proud to say, “I do”.

20+ years later, I’m honored and grateful that my community not only supports me and my small business, but they trust me and choose my services as an integral part of their healing trajectory.

Roots & Branches began when I was providing Reflexology and working, intimately, with herbs. I’ve evolved, many times, into the business I have today. Thank you, Universe for the hard and good times that shaped me into “me”.

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